UPDATE: Midwest Flooding Recovery Efforts

Apr 18, 2019

Operating conditions continue to improve in areas of the Midwest impacted by record flooding. With receding water levels as well as completed repairs in multiple locations, only three BNSF subdivisions remain either partially or fully out of service at this time.


With the opening of some floodgates along the Mississippi River, a portion of the Hannibal Subdivision north of St. Louis reopened on Tuesday night, and we expect to have rail service restored on the affected portion of our River Subdivision in Missouri this weekend. The latest water level forecasts for the river also point to a complete reopening of the Hannibal Subdivision next week. Any major rainfall or storm events in the region, however, may require adjustments to these current estimates.

Major restoration efforts remain focused on the Napier Subdivision, which runs between Pacific Junction, Iowa and Napier, Missouri. With work taking place in six distinct zones, BNSF teams are reopening portions of the subdivision as quickly as possible. Service was restored on a nearly 12-mile segment at the southern end of the subdivision last week. More extensive restoration is needed in two of the zones, including bridge reconstruction.

Ballast train on the Napier Subdivision near Hamburg, Iowa

With the steady progress of our recovery efforts, we continue to reduce the number of destinations affected by the flood-related embargoes that were implemented last month. For the latest information on these embargoes, as well as other information related to the recovery efforts, please visit our flood recovery webpage.

As always, if you have questions about your shipment(s), please contact BNSF Customer Support at 1-888-428-2673.

We appreciate your continued patience and will continue to provide additional updates.