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Disbursements Management (Accounts Payable)

Invoice Related Hotline
Non-Purchase Order/Service Invoicing
Remittance Information
General Account Payable

Tel: 800-234-9972, Option 1
Purchase Order Invoices
Remittance Information
General Purchase Order Invoicing Questions

Tel: 800-234-9972, Option 2
Vendor Master
Maintenance(for existing vendors only)
and Electronic Payment (ACH) Set-up

Tel: 800-234-9972, Option 4
Quick Pay
Web Portal Invoicing and Registration

Tel: 800-234-9972, Option 5
1099 Questions Tel: 800-234-9972, Option 7

Strategic Sourcing & Supply

Sourcing Related Hotline
Purchase Order, Material and Service-related Inquiries
Tel: 888-703-7727
BNSF Material Freight Inquiries and Shipments
Tel: 855-894-3655
Diverse Business Enterprise

A Message from Matt Rose

"Our suppliers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of our materials and components and, ultimately, the service we provide to customers. We believe that the success of our supplier relationship requires adherence to the highest ethical, legal and procurement standards."

Matt Rose, Executive Chairman, Addresses DFW Minority Development Council's Access 2004

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