Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about employment opportunities and internships at BNSF?

You can find more information about potential careers and internships at BNSF, including a list of current openings, under the Careers tab on BNSF's website.


Does BNSF sell surplus property such as used railroad ties and railcars?

BNSF sells used ties and other surplus equipment through a bidding process. However, BNSF is not set up to sell used railroad ties in small quantities. They are auctioned in large quantities to contractors who typically re-sell them to landscaping suppliers or co-generation facilities. Your best option to secure a small quantity of used railroad ties is to check with landscaping material suppliers or lumber yards.


Where do I report a rough railroad crossing?

You can report a rough crossing to the community relations contact for your state listed on BNSF's website under the Communities tab. He/she will redirect your report to BNSF's Engineering Department, which will arrange for someone to inspect the crossing.


Who do I contact about the condition of vegetation and use of pesticides along railroad tracks?

You can report vegetation conditions or request information about pesticide use through the community relations contact for your state. He or she will redirect your report to BNSF's Engineering Department, which is responsible for vegetation control.


Who do I contact about buying or leasing BNSF real estate or obtaining a permit to access BNSF property?

BNSF uses an external real estate firm to manage the sale and lease of its property and to manage the permit process to access BNSF property. You can determine who to contact at Jones Lang LaSalle Brokerage, Inc. for the sale, lease or permit access of BNSF real estate.


What is BNSF's Citizens for Rail Security (CRS) program?

CRS is an innovative program pioneered by BNSF that allows community members and rail fans to enroll in BNSF's rail security effort to report security violations, trespassers or unusual occurrences. Visit the Citizens for Rail Security website to learn more about this innovative security program.


Where can I learn more about railroad history?

You can find more information about BNSF and its predecessor railroads under Our Railroad in our Company History. There you will find historical summaries of BNSF's major predecessor railroads as well as links to other organizations that serve as useful resources.

You can also join the Friends of BNSF website at, which contains numerous historical photos and articles.


Who do I contact if I have questions not listed above?

You can contact the community relations contact listed for your state. The list of contacts can be found under the Communities tab on BNSF's website.


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