Diversity is our common bond

"Diversity has become a way of life at BNSF. Employees need to be able to look up to the top of the organization and see enough role models so that all members of our community can model their actions and behaviors against real BNSF executives."
-- Matt Rose, Executive Chairman

We've covered great distances in our diversity journey at BNSF, and it all begins with every employee valuing the differences we each bring to the workplace.

As a company, the road to greater diversity began with a vision. Equipped with a destination, leaders throughout BNSF developed a business purpose and strategic plan for moving the company to its diversity goals.

While this formal program sets the commitment and direction for diversity, it's the men and women of BNSF who have taken initiative, demonstrating leadership and bringing diversity alive in the workplace.

Diversity is a continuous journey at BNSF. By embracing and appreciating each other, our work experience, our jobs and our lives are enriched.

"Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day."
-- Anonymous

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