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Our new Customized Rate Profile  tool enables you to create, save and run rate reports for the commodities you ship the most and the shipping lanes you most frequently use. Also, all customers now have to log in to access pricing tools and information. If you do not have your login ID, please register on bnsf.com¬†using our new expedited registration process. Once registered, you will have instant access to pricing information.

Pricing Tools Transit, Routing and Speed Tools

Carload Shipping Advisor 

Evaluate the best shipping options for your carload freight. By entering commodity, origin and destination, we'll display options that include details on equipment, estimated days of transit, route and price, including estimated fuel surcharge and associated price publications and terms and conditions. It also allows you verify rail service, find Rule 11 rates and search for nearby BNSF transloaders.

Intermodal Advisor

Find out if intermodal is right for you. Compare over-the-road costs, review transit times and find out how much carbon you can save.

Customized Rate Profile 

Need to track price updates on your frequently used lanes and the commodities you ship the most? Use the Customized Rate Profile tool to create and customize reports that will help you stay on top of any rate changes for the lanes and commodities you specify.

Intermodal Schedules

Look up estimated transportation times for shipping containers and trailers on our intermodal network.

Agricultural Prices 

Browse our public ratebooks for prices on shipping grain and wheat products, ethanol, and fertilizer

Serving Carrier Reciprocal Switch Inquiry

See if the industry or facility you are looking for is served by the BNSF using our Serving Carrier Reciprocal Switch Inquiry tool.

Price Publications 

Locate pricing for any product from grain to coal or from lumber to steel -- as well as information on national tariffs, demurrage and storage charges, fuel surcharges and finance charges.

Carload Schedules

Look up estimated transportation times for traditional rail service.

Fuel Surcharges 

Find information regarding BNSF's Fuel Surcharge program.

Display Lot Location

Find the lot location and check for billing at intermodal facilities with a given unit number.

Finance Charges

Find information regarding potential finance charges.

Calculate ALK Rail Miles 

Calculate ALK rail miles from point to point.

Extended Equipment Use and Services

Optional services that allow you to utilize or store equipment on BNSF property for an extended period of time.

Carbon Estimator

Discover your carbon footprint using rail transportation.

Industrial Products Rate Calendar 

A yearly calendar which shows by month when prices renew for industrial product commodities.

Routing Guides

Use our routing guides to find interchange points with these other rail carriers:

STCC/Commodity Lookup

Look up the Standard Transportation Commodity Code (STCC) either by partial digits or description.

Station Lookup

Browse our entire list of rail stations for more detail such as OPSL, SPLC, and county.


Machinery Transloader Directory

Identify potential machinery transloaders who can offload/load dimensional shipments across BNSF Network.

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