Employee Testimonials

Jennifer, General Clerk - Brainerd, MN

Military Occupation: 2TO51 (TMO-Traffic Management Office)
Rank: E4 (SrA) United States Air Force

What do you most like about working at BNSF and why is it a good place for service members to work?
“BNSF is a great place for service members to work, because you can take everything that you’ve learned in the service and all of those strong core values and apply them to your life outside of the military, by becoming a part of another family, the BNSF family.”

Brian, Mechanical Foreman (Car) - Pasco, WA

Military Occupation: Power Generation / Wheel Vehicle Mechanic
Rank: E7 / SFC (RET) United States Army

What advice would you give to transitioning service members who are looking for careers in the transportation industry?
“BNSF Railway is an excellent home for military veterans. The company understands the importance of teamwork in achieving goals while providing excellent customer satisfaction.”

Billy, Trainmaster - Barstow, CA

Military Occupation/Rank: Logistics/Embarkation
Rank: E-8/ Master Sergeant United States Marine Corps

How have you used the skills you learned in the military in your job at BNSF?
“In the military, coordination was key, as a trainmaster at BNSF you must have the ability to coordinate between different crafts in order to truly be successful.”