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Customer Notifications

BNSF customers can stay up-to-date on the latest news covering BNSF services, tools, prices and facilities by subscribing to BNSF Customer Notifications.

See all notifications by category:

Service Advisories
Service Advisory notifications inform BNSF customers of temporary changes or interruptions to transportation service.

Marketing News
Marketing News notifications inform BNSF customers of new service or product offerings, or of permanent changes to existing service.

Pricing Updates 
Pricing Update notifications inform BNSF customers of changes to existing rates or price structures.

Facility Updates
Facility Update notifications inform BNSF customers of changes related to specific facilities.

bnsf.com Updates
bnsf.com Update notifications inform BNSF customers of new Web tools at www.bnsf.com, or changes to existing tools.

Customer Letters
Customer Letters inform BNSF customers on a variety of marketing and service-related topics.

Track Maintenance
Track Maintenance postings provide customers with weekly detailed information and a map covering planned maintenance on the BNSF network.

Receive Customer Notifications:
If you are a BNSF customer and would like to subscribe to receive BNSF Customer Notifications by email, or change your subscriptions, log in to the secure bnsf.com, go to Notifications on your home tab, and click on View My Subscriptions. The above category options are listed on the BNSF Updates and Pricing tabs.

If you do not have access to the secure bnsf.com, you can register at any time by clicking on the "Register" link in the Customer Login box on the BNSF home page. For questions, contact BNSF eBusiness Help at 888-428-2673, option 4, 1 or email eBizHelp@bnsf.com.

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